Map View

The Map View shows all the location in the game on the game's maps. There are multiple map views which can be selected by clicking on one of the buttons:

Map View Selectors

Each location is represented by a colored circle. The circles color indicates a the availability of checks at that location:

  • No Checks No checks available. Even if some checks are complete, the location will be in this state if there are some checks that are not yet available.
  • Some Checks At least one check is available.
  • All Checks Completed All checks have been completed.
  • Disabled If there are no checks at the locations because all its checks have been disabled by flags, it will not appear on the map.

Clicking one of the location circles will bring up the checks pop-up listing all the checks at that location and their states. The checks are color coded using the same scheme described in the Key Item View section. Clicking outside the popup will close it.