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Pollendina is an randomizer tracker that runs as a native app on your computer. It is heavily inspired by the amazing EmoTracker

Pollendina is in it's early stages and under HEAVY, ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT!

The user interface is likely to change throughout the alpha releases!

Pollendina's notable features are:

  • Supports Windows, MacOS, Linux.
  • Supports auto tracking using usb2snes and QUsb2snes
  • Dynamic map and objective support.
  • Game support is added through an extensible module system.
  • Comes bundled with Free Enterprise module.

Planned features:

  • Modules for randomizers other than Free Enterprise.
  • Developer documentation.

Planned Free Enterprise features:

  • Flag string parsing.
  • Automatic flag string detection from the auto-tracker.
  • Objective support.



The latest release can always be found on the Releases Page. There are packages for Windows (.msi), Mac (.dmg), and Linux (.deb). Download the appropriate package for your system.


The Windows package is unsigned. When you run the installer you'll get presented with a Windows protected your PC dialog. Install, click More info then Run anyway.


The Mac app is unsigned. To run it the first time, right click on the app and select open. You be presented with a dialog saying that the application is unknown. Click Open anyway.


If your distro supports .deb packages you can install using the following command:

sudo apt install pollendina-linux-vX.Y.Z.deb

Quick Start

Main Window

Main Window

The main window is divided into tree sections:

  1. Action Bar at the top of the window.
  2. Key Item View at the left of the window.
  3. Map View at the right of the window.

In addition the main window, there are two additional windows:

  1. Config Window
  2. Broadcast View Window

Action Bar

Action Bar

The Action Bar is where all the non-game related actions live. Almost no work has been spend on its UI so expect it to change in the future. The actions are:

  • Start/Stop auto tracking starts and stops the auto tracker. See the Auto Tracking Chapter for more information.
  • Dump dumps application state to the console. This is not useful unless you are running the app from the command line.
  • Broadcast View opens the broadcast view window. See the Broadcast View Window section for more information
  • Config opens the config window. See the Config Window section for more information.

Key Item View

The Key Item View displays all the key items in the game. Key Items in this view have 3 states. Each state has a distinct appearance.

  • Twin Harp Locked Locked: Key item has not been found.
  • Twin Harp Locked Unlocked: Key item has been found.
  • Twin Harp Locked Complete: Key item has used.

Clicking on a key item will change its state from locked, to unlocked, to complete, and back to locked again. If auto tracking is active, it will override key items that are auto tracked.

Map View

The Map View shows all the location in the game on the game's maps. There are multiple map views which can be selected by clicking on one of the buttons:

Map View Selectors

Each location is represented by a colored circle. The circles color indicates a the availability of checks at that location:

  • No Checks No checks available. Even if some checks are complete, the location will be in this state if there are some checks that are not yet available.
  • Some Checks At least one check is available.
  • All Checks Completed All checks have been completed.
  • Disabled If there are no checks at the locations because all its checks have been disabled by flags, it will not appear on the map.

Clicking one of the location circles will bring up the checks pop-up listing all the checks at that location and their states. The checks are color coded using the same scheme described in the Key Item View section. Clicking outside the popup will close it.

Config Window

Config Window

The config window allows you to set the game flags. Both its UI and features are very basic and will change drastically in the future.

Broadcast Window

Broadcast View Window

The broadcast view is a simplifies view of the game state. It is useful for capturing and adding to your stream overlay to let people know what how your seed is going.

Auto Tracking


Pollendina needs a usb2snes service for auto tracking. Two programs provide this service:

QUsb2snes is probably a better choice. It's newer, has more features and support more platforms.

The SMZ3r multiworld setup instructions cover getting these programs set up on both SD2SNES(FXPAK) and Emulator.

The following configurations have been tested:

  • ✅ Know working
  • 🟡 Untested
  • ❌ Know not working


To use auto-tracking:

  • Make sure you have the usb2snes service set up per the above instructions.
  • Load an Free Enterprise rom.
  • Click the Start auto tracking button.
    • NOTE!!! Pollendina will only connect to the first usb2snes devices it sees.
  • If all goes well you should see the Idle status change to Connected


Much of the design has been heavily inspired by the amazing EmoTracker

Icons for the Free Enterprise module were created by SchalaKitty